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DexyFlex is a trademark of Furtunuri Group Srl, a company with 14 years of experience in the sale of hoses and fittings for every application in the industry.

Hoses and their accessories (fittings, pipe fittings, quick couplings, gauges and others) we are selling since 2004. Gradually we were increasing the range and today we can meet every need for a hose, no matter for what purpose will be used and what material should be made of. We offer also fittings for hydraulic and industrial hoses. In our online store you can contact an operator who will accept your request, will consult you and will proceed with the execution of the order. If your request is not within the competence and knowledge of the operator, then in the next 20 ... 30 minutes you will be contacted by a dealer, who will help you to find a solution for each case connected with hose or fittings. Most of the goods are available and you can get them within the next working day.


Our main task is to offer solution to every customer. We had learned a lot and achieved a very good market positions. All the goods are manufactured in Europe and USA. This is our security and guarantee for zero complaints. Our suppliers are companies proven in the years with long experience and traditions, imposed on the market.